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Tucker Carlson: If You See a Youngster in a Masks, Name Youngster Protecting Companies on the Mother and father


It looks as if Donald Trump‘s loss in November has deeply affected Tucker Carlson. Every evening, the Fox host delves deeper and deeper into conspiracy theories and paranoia.

Throughout his Monday evening broadcast, Carlson had a meltdown over masks sporting. He urged his viewers to harass individuals who put on masks outdoor. Even worse, he mentioned that individuals ought to name little one protecting providers on mother and father who had their youngsters put on masks.

The Fox host began, “Masks have at all times been incompatible with a free society. Masks are for the responsible. They’re signifiers of disgrace and submission.”

Carlson continued, “Subsequent time you see somebody in a masks on the sidewalk or on the bike path, don’t hesitate, ask politely however firmly, would you please take off your masks? Science reveals there is no such thing as a motive so that you can be sporting it. Your masks is making me uncomfortable,” mentioned Carlson. “We should always try this, and we must always hold doing it till sporting a masks exterior is roughly as socially acceptable as lighting a Marlboro in an elevator. It’s repulsive.”

The unhinged host closed his rant:

“As for forcing youngsters to put on masks exterior, that ought to be unlawful. Your response whenever you see youngsters sporting masks once they play ought to be no completely different out of your response to seeing somebody beating a child at Walmart. Name the police instantly. Contact Youngster Protecting Companies. Hold calling till somebody arrives. What you’re taking a look at is abuse, it’s little one abuse, and you might be morally obligated to try to stop it.”