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Opinion: Traitor Josh Hawley Introduces Laws to Train Children Patriotism


The Republican Senator who raised his fist in solidarity with Trump’s insurrectionists on January 6, to incite them to motion simply previous to their assault on the US Capitol, just lately launched laws to make use of public colleges to “promote patriotism” to the US. Like many of the absurdities coming from Republicans since Trump, this newest absurdity merely beggars perception.

It was obvious to anybody who witnessed Republican Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) present his assist for, each earlier than and after, the Trump rebels who attacked the Capitol on January 6 that the truth is Hawley has no idea of what it means to be a patriot.

Hawley additionally demonstrated that he has no idea of what it means to assist and defend the US Structure by voting to wipe out democracy on January 6.  He additionally then tried to cowl up his get together and Trump’s involvement in seditious conspiracy to overthrow Constitutional order by voting against a bipartisan commission to investigate Trump’s seditious conspiracy main as much as the assault on the Capitol.

Merely put, Josh Hawley must be one of many least certified folks in America to profess a need to advertise patriotism. In actual fact, most Republicans are missing what it means to be patriotic in line with the definition of patriotism. In line with a number of textbook definitions:

Patriotism is the sensation of affection, devotion, and sense of attachment to a rustic and alliance with different residents to create a sense of oneness among the many folks. This attachment generally is a mixture of many alternative emotions together with a number of cultural, political or historic points.” (writer daring)

 Republicans have thrived on being divisive for many years, and anybody who is just not dedicated to their worldview is considered “the opposite.” As a motion, notably since Trump, Republicans don’t have any sense of attachment to the concept of “a way of oneness among the many folks” so essential to being patriotic.

In line with Hawley, his laws, so-called “The Love America Act,” will singlehandedly “promote patriotism in schooling” by withholding federal cash from any public college that teaches college students the true, factual historical past of America. Particularly, Harley’s laws will ban the instructing of historic info relating to how white supremacy and/or racism performed a significant function within the founding the US.

Hawley’s laws has nothing in any way to do with selling patriotism. He’s becoming a member of the GOP’s nationwide crusade to enact legal guidelines that forestall the instructing of “critical race theory.” As a reminder, essential race principle is the tutorial self-discipline centered on the idea that racism is an on a regular basis expertise for almost all of individuals of coloration, and that racism has formed the nation’s authorized and social methods. It’s a idea {that a} main portion of white society doesn’t need uncovered or modified as a result of it solely advantages white folks.

Hawley’s invoice additionally requires colleges that obtain federal funding to ensure that each one college students can learn and recite parts of the Declaration of Independence, the Structure and the Pledge of Allegiance at sure grade ranges.

Clearly, no matter public college Hawley and most Republicans attended as kids failed miserably in instructing them the right way to learn, a lot much less recite and perceive, any a part of the Structure or Declaration of Independence. If that was not the case, Republicans would have rejected Trump’s seditious conspiracy main as much as the tried coup d’etat and riot in opposition to the US on January 6.

In selling his white supremacy indoctrination invoice, Hawley acknowledged:

We can not afford for our youngsters to lose religion within the noble beliefs this nation was based on. We’ve to be sure that our youngsters perceive what makes this nation nice, the beliefs of hope and promise our Founding Fathers fought for, and the love of nation that unites us all.”

If Hawley had spent any time studying about America’s founding or its historical past when he was in public college, he would know that “the noble beliefs” this nation was based on centered on the notion that folks of coloration (slaves) had been considered property and counted as 3/5ths of a person.

These folks of coloration had been thought-about inferior to white folks. The nation was based on white supremacy that finally that drove the nation into essentially the most lethal battle in America’s historical past – the so-called American Civil Struggle.

It isn’t clear who Hawley is making an attempt to impress, however one can precisely surmise it’s the Republican base seething with white rage that folks of coloration have the temerity to demand the equal rights assured to each American within the Structure; a vital “facet” of that Structure Hawley and his Republican cohort rejects out of hand.

That time was made by a Texas state consultant who best explained exactly what the motivation behind Hawley’s “Love America Act” actually is, and it has nothing to do with patriotism. Democratic Texas state Rep. James Talarico stated:

The main focus is just not kids. The main focus is on scoring factors with outdated, white voters who see the nation slipping away from them demographically.”