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Opinion: Most Republicans Help Trump’s Tried Coup And Rebel


It is extra evident than ever that the preponderance of Republicans supported Trump’s tried, and bloody, coup d’état simply over a month in the past. And regardless of the lethal penalties and existential risk to the US of America, they proceed to take action.

Most Republicans can by no means once more declare to be loyal to the nation they declare to like, and in the event that they accomplish that they’re clearly soiled liars. They’re loyal to traitor Trump.

Most Republicans can by no means declare to belengthy to the get together of legislation and order; in the event that they accomplish that then they’re filthy liars. Their solely regard for legislation and order is when folks of colour are concerned.

Most Republicans can by no means once more declare to serve, uphold and defend the US Structure; in the event that they accomplish that, they’re liars of the primary order. Republicans have solely served and defended Trump no matter his myriad crimes and corrupt acts together with debasing the Structure as unhealthy for America.

The overwhelming majority of Republicans within the Home of Representatives and Senate have violated their oath of workplace required by the Structure to serve within the Legislative Department of presidency. For the uninformed, the oath of workplace reads as follows:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I’ll assist and defend the Structure of the US in opposition to all enemies, overseas and home; that I’ll bear true religion and allegiance to the identical; that I take this obligation freely, with none psychological reservation or goal of evasion; and that I’ll effectively and faithfully discharge the duties of the workplace on which I’m about to enter: So assist me God.

For all however a couple of Republicans in Congress, their oath of workplace means nothing, and if there’s a god they’re going straight to the biblical Hell to burn for eternity. The bulk have solemnly sworn, in personal and publicly, to assist and defend a traitor to the US from the rule of legislation and the Structure they faux to assist.

Regardless of many Republican senators fearing for his or her lives on January 6, they’ve made it clear that Trump’s failed coup is nothing to be involved about. That is despite figuring out full effectively that Trump’s insurrectionists erected a gallows exterior of the Capitol and sought out former Vice President Mike Pence to hold him by the neck till useless for failing to nullify the 2020 election and declare Trump the victor as particularly directed by Trump.

If People realized something from Trump’s second impeachment trial, it’s that the majority Republicans’ fealty is to Trump although he incited his followers to storm the Capitol and cease the Constitutional means of declaring the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

As in Trump first impeachment trial, most Republicans in the Senate had no qualms stating publicly that Trump is harmlessSome had the audacity to repeat their efficiency of only a yr in the past and guarantee the accused throughout a constitutional Senate trial that his acquittal was sure and that “the case is over.”

That’s what Republican Senator Lindsey Graham informed Trump on Tuesday night. That is although solely a blind, deaf, and dumb human being is unaware that Trump is responsible of the “excessive crime” of inciting a insurrection in opposition to the US of America and the U.S. Structure. Graham told reporters:

I strengthened to the president, the case is over. It’s only a matter of getting the ultimate verdict now.”

The truth is, to make sure Trump’s attorneys would win an acquittal, Graham joined traitorous Senators Ted. Cruz and Mike Lee in meeting with Trump’s protection crew to:

Discuss their technique and share our ideas when it comes to the place the argument was and the place it ought to go.”

In fact these atrocities aren’t any completely different than a yr in the past throughout Trump’s first impeachment trial when then-Senate Majority Chief Mitch McConnell said that he was in total coordination with the White Home counsel.

McConnell knew that Trump abused his energy in pressuring Ukraine to assist in his reelection effort or danger shedding navy assist appropriated by Congress, however the so-called “rule of legislation” get together was loyal to a felony and never the U.S. Structure or the rule of legislation..

Little has modified and it may solely be as a result of Republicans are extra involved with “supporting and defending” a traitor to the US and its Structure than holding Trump accountable for seditious conspiracy and treason.

Republicans within the Senate know that Trump incited revolt in opposition to the US and so they know he’s responsible as sin. Nonetheless, they’re both extra afraid of Trump and his treasonous acolytes now than they have been on January 6th, or they totally assist Trump’s tried bloody coup d’état.

After 4 disastrous years of supporting each unlawful and corrupt motion by Trump and his household, it’s manifestly obvious that nearly all of Republicans assist the traitor’s tried coup by inciting a lethal insurrection in opposition to the US to overthrow the authorized government. A clear violation of the U.S. Structure that Republicans, like soiled Donald Trump, don’t have any regard for in any respect.