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Lock Him Up: Leaked Pentagon Doc Helps Case For Trump Treason Costs


A leaked doc from the Pentagon reveals that Mike Pence ordered the army to clear the Capitol on January 6, however Trump didn’t.

The AP reported on the timeline in an inside Pentagon doc that they obtained:

The timeline provides one other layer of understanding concerning the state of concern and panic whereas the revolt performed out and lays naked the inaction by then-President Donald Trump and the way that void contributed to a slowed response by the army and regulation enforcement. It reveals that the intelligence missteps, tactical errors, and bureaucratic delays had been eclipsed by the federal government’s failure to understand the size and depth of a violent rebellion by its personal residents.

With Trump not engaged, it fell to Pentagon officers, a handful of senior White Home aides, the leaders of Congress, and the vp holed up in a safe bunker to handle the chaos.

Mike Pence known as the Pentagon and demanded that the Capitol be cleared, and the army didn’t do it. Logic suggests that there’s just one particular person above Pence who might have overruled his order.

The difference between sedition and treason is, “Whereas seditious conspiracy is usually outlined as conduct or language inciting insurrection in opposition to the authority of a state, treason is the extra critical offense of actively levying battle in opposition to the US or giving help to its enemies.”

Trump aided an assault on America by its enemies by doing nothing. Donald Trump thought that he was laying low and avoiding duty, however what he actually was doing was committing treason by aiding individuals who had been committing an act of battle in opposition to the US.

When Trump advised his supporters to march to the Capitol, he dedicated sedition. When Trump refused to behave to cease the assault on the Capitol, it may very well be argued that he dedicated treason.

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